By Nola

Dear Illegal U-Turner,

I see you. Day after day, dozens of cars pull up into our driveway to turn around on Cabot Street, and we at DK have a front row seat to your act through our enormous, front of house windows. Sometimes you make uncomfortable eye contact with us. Sometimes our customers sitting outside get up to direct you back into the street, because you’ve gotten yourself in a position you didn’t think through. You are so confident in your turns. You think you know where you’re going to go from there. But really, there’s a question you should be asking yourself-

Why make an illegal u-turn when you can simply pull up into a parking spot, make use of that 20 minutes of free parking, run inside DK and get a crêpe?

If instead of risking a ticket with each u-turn, you instead put that money towards a crêpe, your stomach and your wallet would both be thanking you. I’m just a modest counter server making you a modest proposal. Skip the traffic violation. Eat crêpes. Rack up those rewards points and feel good getting back into your car.

All the best,