By Nola

The crêperie is beginning to look like a crêperie! The walls are painted gray and blue, adorned with lovely glass sconces. Our countertop is built, and already filled with all sorts of contraptions: crêpe makers, beverage dispensers, sinks, etc. In our dining room resides sturdy benches, comfy wicker chairs, and round stone tables. Former patrons of Cassis Bakery will also notice we’ve replaced one of the two doors with a window, adding to the ease of moving in and out of the space, and some great sunlight. 

We’ve been spending a lot of our days now out front, out of the basement, working on ordering supplies and inventory, as well as going through the hiring process for our front and back of the house. Our team is looking amazing so far- a couple of pastry chefs, former caterers, and a baker. It’s also been a lot of fun seeing all the people walk past and wave to us, or snap our QR code in the window. We’re so excited to get to know the downtown community more. See if you can spot Delphine out front washing the windows!