Hello again Beverly! My name is Lindsey and I previously owned Chive Events, a boutique
catering company based out of Beverly for over 10 years. Delphine became an integral part of
the Chive team and we instantly bonded over our love of cooking and creative use of seasonal

The way Delphine treats her guests is like family. I am extremely excited for you all
to get to know her and see how she is bringing a taste of France to our community. As the
kitchen manager at Delphine’s you will see me bopping from the front to the back. I’m excited
to make and eat crepes and learn some French!

When I’m not cooking I love spending time
with my family hiking in the woods or playing on the beach. I look forward to the Spring so I
can start planting my garden and soaking up the longer days in the sun. I can’t wait to see all
your smiling faces in Delphine’s Kitchen! Cheers!