I love when good food and people come together.  In any setting, it is a beautiful thing.  

If it is in your home with friends or family, out to dinner with your partner, or grabbing a coffee at your favorite spot on your way to work, the focus of getting together revolves around the food and drink.

This connection is why I love this industry.  Meeting and seeing different faces everyday enjoying the products you prepared is such a good feeling.  I have worked with Delphine in many settings and she carries the same love as well, which is why we work so well with each other. Delphine’s Kitchen will be that place where people are warmly welcomed to stay and linger, enjoy a sunny spot with your favorite crafted plate, and sip on drinks while conversing.  I can’t wait to see how the community absorbs this place. It is what we are all ready for, to meet and enjoy each other in a beautiful setting.  I am so excited to start connecting with our community and sharing a slice of France to our beautiful community.